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We also perform CCTV Inspections > for new Stove and Fireplace installs and Full Chimney System Survey Reports > if you are selling or buying a home.
For Peace of mind, to keep your Home Safe and House Insurance valid, have your Chimney Swept and Stove Serviced at least Once a Year.
Treat it as an 'MoT' for your Chimney.

Fireplace chimney sweep and cctv inspection in East Dulwich London

Fireplace Sweep

Fireplace Sweep & Freshen-up £75


Stove Sweep

Stove Sweep, Clean & Pamper £75


Open Fire Sweep

Open Fire Basket Intensive Power Sweep £85

Other Services The Inspector Offers

Other Services The Inspector Offers

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chimney flue cctv inspection, Peckham London, SE15

CCTV Inspections

CCTV Chimney Camera Inspection. Know For Sure Your Chimney Flue or Liner Is Safe With No Hazards From £90


Chimney Flue System Survey

New Home, Have a Detailed Report On All Chimneys. As A Key Feature of your Home, It's worthwhile knowing the condition of The Current Fireplaces / Stove & All Chimneys.

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Blocked Off Chimney Breast

Blocked Off Chimney Breast AKA No Hole Or Fireplace. Creating a small hole in the chimney breast enables us to get our CCTV Camera and Rods into the chimney to sweep and Inspect