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Southwark Chimney Sweep: Discover Southwark’s Finest in Chimney and Stove Care with Inspector Flueso.

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Welcome to Inspector Flueso, Southwark’s leading name in chimney and stove sweeping services. Nestled in the historic heart of Southwark, London, we are dedicated to maintaining the safety and efficiency of your chimneys and stoves.

Why Choose Inspector Flueso for Chimney and Stove Sweeping in Southwark

  • Expertise in Both Chimneys and Stoves: Our seasoned professionals are adept at servicing traditional chimneys and modern stove systems, ensuring optimal performance and safety.
  • Comprehensive Sweeping and Servicing: From meticulous chimney sweeping to thorough stove servicing, we offer an all-encompassing solution to keep your heating systems in top condition.
  • Safety and Satisfaction Priority: We prioritize your safety with our stringent protocols, ensuring a clean and hazard-free environment post-service.
  • Tailored Service Options: Recognizing the diverse needs of Southwark homes, we provide customized services, including inspections, repairs, and routine maintenance.

Our Process: Ensuring Excellence in Every Sweep

Experience our detailed approach with an initial inspection, followed by comprehensive sweeping and cleaning of chimneys and stoves. We conclude with a final check and professional advice on maintaining your systems.

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For premier chimney cleaning and stove sweeps, maintenance and care in the London borough of Southwark, choose Inspector Flueso. Reach out today to book your tailored service. Ensure your home’s heating systems are safe and efficient with our expertise.

Inspector Flueso Services available for the Southwark Area

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CCTV Inspections

CCTV Chimney Camera Inspection with Chimney Sweep.…

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Stove Sweep and Service

Stove Sweep and Service from £75

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inspector flueso chimney flue system surveys

Chimney Flue System Survey

New Home, Have a Detailed Report On…

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Fireplace Sweep

Fireplace Sweep & Freshen-up from £75

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Gas Fire Sweep and Service

Gas Fire Sweep

Gas Fire Sweep from £90

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