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It is recommended that you have your Chimney Swept at least once a year. For Peace of mind and to keep your House Insurance valid, it's worth it. Treat it as an 'MoT' for your Chimney by Inspector Flueso


Stove Sweep and Service

Stove Sweep and Service from £75


Fireplace Sweep

Fireplace Sweep & Freshen-up from £75

Gas Fire Sweep and Service

Gas Fire Sweep

Gas Fire Sweep from £90

chimney flue cctv inspection, Peckham London, SE15

CCTV Inspections

CCTV Chimney Camera Inspection with Chimney Sweep. A must have for a new eco wood or multi-fuel stove installation. Price From £175.

inspector flueso chimney flue system surveys

Chimney Flue System Survey

New Home, Have a Detailed Report On All Chimneys. As A Key Feature of your Home, It's worthwhile knowing the condition of The Current Fireplaces / Stove & All Chimneys.